To provide the best IT service and solutions that enables business to excel.


To be the most preferred and trusted IT service provider.

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About us

Since: We began our journey in the year 1997 Propelled by our desire to excel. Having received Appreciation for our initial work we moved towards successfully growing and began providing services through Micro systems and software from the year 2000.

Declaration: We are proud to declare that after we began as IT business unit, we are now A comprehensive consultancy service provider having spread our services both the world's fastest Expanding IT Hub - India & the world's fastest growing Infrastructure Hub USA.

India: Our vast experience enabled us in providing the Indian IT & ITES industry with a complete Spectrum of business solutions ranging from design & development to implementation and support. The clear advantage that such experience & prowess brings in soon saw Micro systems & software gain Reputation as a front runner in innovative & differentiated business solutions. From IT strategy planning, to architecture design and deployment, to security solutions, over the years our consulting services Practice has delivered sustainable and scalable value to business ventures of our illustrious clients.

Our Goal

Safe: We believe in taking a proactive role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, operating our facilities in an environmentally sound manner & promoting programs that support environmental stewardship.

Diverse: We are also strong advocates of having a diverse supplier base and a diverse workforce. Having a coral reservoir of multiple talents, skill sets, thinking patterns & other trademark assets Constituting a highly dynamic resource is the reason behind our success, and amongst our prime Objectives to sustain and further enhance our high standard of achievements.

Integrated: The most ambitious goal of Micro Systems & Software is however to be integrated to the point where we become our customers most trusted partner in enabling their growth. It is with this singular motive that we pledge to our customers- Build-as-you-grow, Pay-as-you-use’, a dictum that we follow as sacred.

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